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  Zhejiang CTL auto parts manufacturing incorporated CO.,LTD. is a specific producer in China,and specialized in Wheel Hub Assembly (Hub Units) and the related parts. Itis also the largest Chinese manufacturer now for the aftermarket in these series and hasachieved the certificates of ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality system.
  “Details decides the result” is the consistent theory of manufacturing Products that the CTL people always comply with. CTL has continuously devoted to exploring andstudying the cases with problems happened in the process of manufacturing and using suchkinds of products by others and end-users. It aims at the fine of every part’s material andthe control of processing technology so as to solve the problems happened in thecoordination from the forgings、seals、to ABS sensor and etc., and the each one of thecomplete finished product. Through raising and fining the series complete processingtechnology, and the parts control with the tracking to the full processing and the qualitysystem established in internal,the unqualified ones in the production process of CTL now hasbeen controlled with in 2 ‰ and the mileage of life test has reached more than 120,000kilometers. CTL is the one in the Chinese aftermarket manufacturers who can meet therequirements of product design and apply for the famous domestic and foreign ones in theseseries at present.
  The safty and steadiness of CTL products have enjoyed a high reputation in the aftermarketof North America. While having supplied the market more than 300 series of the complete G2 &G3 Hub Assembly, CTL has tried to make the conveyance ones for the Volvo and other famousAutos, and OE market since 2009. We sincerely welcome all different kinds of requirementsfrom the domestic and foreign customers to select and use CTL products and cooperate with usfor development together.
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